About us

Modern Organics Made Accessible.

SAY is a new brand of children’s fashion founded in late 2015 with the vision to make designer-quality clothing accessible for parents. 

SAY garments are minimal, clean, and classic, with elements that are playful and unique. SAY also celebrates creativity and produces limited edition collaboration apparel with creatives from all over the world. All of our clothing are ethically made and environmentally conscious. For SAY, all of these elements - quality, design, and ethics - are non-negotiables, so the team works day in and day out to produce accessible organic clothing without compromise. 

We hope to become the shop you depend on for everything you’d need for your kids, from clothes, to room decor, to highchairs, and more. But we have to start somewhere, so the beginning stages is what you’re seeing now. We dream big, so we hope you’ll stick with us and see us make some magic!